Press Release


**JHMediaVentures Acquires JManMotionPixtures**

**[6/24/2024]** - JHMediaVentures is proud to announce its rebranding of JManMotionPixtures ​(“JMANFILMS”). This strategic move enhances our capability to deliver and produce high-quality media ​content and expands our footprint further in the content space.

Juwan Hal, Founder of JHMediaVentures stated, "The rebranding of JManMotionPixtures marks a ​significant milestone for us. We are excited to integrate and transition our new business model into our ​operations to provide an even broader range of media solutions to our clients."

JHMediaVentures, which will absorb existing assets, operations, and contractual obligations of ​JManMotionPixtures, is committed to maintaining the high standards of service and innovation that both ​companies are known for.

For more information, please contact:

Juwan Hal

CEO, JHMediaVentures